Kale, Vegetable Salad with Yogurt & Goat Cheese Dressing

Kale Vegetable salad with yogurt & goat cheese dressing is a fast, easy, nutritious salad to make. The hard-boiled egg adds protein and the yogurt cheese dressing makes a nice change from a vinaigrette.

Kale salad
Kale Vegetable Salad with Yogurt & Goat Cheese Dressing

Sept. 20, 2020 by Deborah Esplin

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Ingredients for Kale & Vegetable Salad

Several kale leaves washed

1 or 2 Romaine lettuce leaves, washed

1/2 tomato or several cherry tomatoes, chopped

Cucumber, chopped

1 hard-boiled egg, chopped

Any other veggies you want like bell pepper

Chives & fresh herbs, chopped

Ingredients for the Yogurt & Goat Cheese Dressing

35 grams of goat cheese

40 grams plain yogurt

15 ml of olive oil

10 mL balsamic vinegar

30 mL cranberry juice

pinch of dry mustard

a sprinkle of salt & pepper

chives & fresh herbs, chopped

Ingredients for the Topping

pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds, or any other seeds that you like

Preparation for Kale Vegetable Salad with Yogurt & Goat Cheese Dressing

Mix the salad ingredients in a bowl. Mix the dressing ingredients in a separate bowl. Put the dressing on the salad and mix. Sprinkle the topping, seeds, on the top. It is ready to serve.

TIP: the seeds add crunch and nutrition.


Chef’s knives: Chef Knife Pro 8 InchTuo 8 InchVictorinox 8 Inch

Cutting Boards: Bamboo 11 x 14 inches, Oxo Plastic 11 x 14 inches, Acacia 14 x 14 inches

Mixing bowls: 5 Stainless Steel Bowls + lids, 3 Pyrex Bowls, 4 Porcelain Bowls, 3 Kitchen Aid Bowls

Scales: 15 kg Scale, USB Charging Scale, Waterproof Scale


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