My Story

Hi. I’m Deborah Esplin. I created this blog to share tips on all things food and kitchen related. There is a daily tip and a weekly blog on topics related to your food and your kitchen

For 17 years, I worked in food safety & quality in industrial food manufacturing in Canada.

For many years, I was responsible for the safety and quality of the food being made. From that, I gained experience in many roles in a food plant from purchasing, managing improvement projects, developing best practises, training employees, tracking problems, working with customers and suppliers, sourcing and approving new ingredients, and making sure that all the legal and certification requirements were implemented and being followed, and developing new recipes.

Over the last few years, I have been in many food plants, big and small, across Canada, as a compliance auditor, to assess their controls and practises so that that food you eat is safe and good.

Photo of Deborah Esplin

With B.A., M.Sc. and a Certificate in Food Science, from three different universities, I’m bringing you my knowledge of efficient and safe food practices to your kitchen.

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