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Buying Strategies

Buy From A Wholesaler
If you have access to a grocery wholesaler, you will save even more money. Some wholesalers sell directly to individuals. You can look in your area to see if that is an option.
Here are some of the potential savings by buying larger quantities from a wholesale grocery.

100 grams goat cheese for $9.99 from my local grocer
1000 grams (1 kg) goat cheese for $49.99 from a wholesaler

By buying the larger format, you will save $50. However, you may not be able to find the larger format of goat's cheese unless you go to a wholesaler.

Buy In Bulk
Get your groceries from a bulk store or bulk section of your regular store. Prices are less and very often you can find items that are not available on the shelf.

Buy Larger Formats
There are huge savings to buying food in larger quantities. Just buying in larger quantities at your regular grocery or bulk store, you will save money. Discounts are offered or prices are lower for larger quantities and bulk items.

2 loaf bread pack costs $4.99, 1 loaf same bread costs $4.49
750 grams plain yogurt costs $3.99, 500 grams plain yogurt costs $4.99
1200g ground beef costs $10.00, 500g ground beef costs $7.00

Just with these examples, you save $13.29. Imagine if you apply this strategy across your entire grocery bill every time you go shopping.

Buy On Sale
Another strategy is to buy items on sale and stock up when items are on sale. This is a good strategy, but during the pandemic, going to the grocery less often is a safer option. Before the pandemic, I would shop weekly and buy what was on sale. Over time, I built up a stockpile so that I didn’t need to buy much that wasn’t on sale. However, at this time, I am not following that strategy.
However, if you are already at the grocery store then is a good idea to stock up with items on sale. Especially for those that you use on a regular basis.

Buy Multiple Quantities
Often, foods have a reduced price if you buy multiple quantities. For foods that you use more often, that can be frozen, or have a long shelf life, this is a good strategy. You will save pennies to dollars at every purchase, and over time, you will save a significant amount of money.

Tip Summary
1. Buy from a wholesaler
2. Buy in bulk
3. Buy larger formats
4. Buy on sale
5. Buy multiple quantities

What do you do with all this food and these supplies that you have now purchased to save money? That is what we will talk about in the next two blogs. What can’t you freeze, which is very little, and what can you freeze, which is almost anything.  

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