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Foods Not To Freeze

May 21, 2020

Why do you want to freeze foods?

Freezing extends the shelf life and protects foods from bacteria growth. It is a great way to have food on hand, ready-for-use and of good quality.

In this time of the Pandemic 2020, Covid 19, getting groceries in the house can be a challenge. If you can buy in larger quantities, then you have foods on hand, even if the grocery store has run out, you save money and you reduce waste.

Foods Not To Freeze

Raw potatoes                                                   Fresh prepared salads
Sandwiches made with mayonnaise           Anything made with mayonnaise
Cooked egg whites                                         Frosting/icing made with raw egg whites
Home-made fried foods                                Gelatin/Jello
Carbonated drinks                                          Hard-boiled eggs

Foods You Can Freeze With A Caveat - Texture Changes

Raw vegetables/ salad greens      They go mushy but can be used in soups/cooked foods
Raw fruits                                          They go mushy but can be used in pies/smoothies
Sour cream                                        Some separation but can be used in soups/sauces
Fresh soft cheese                             There will be some water separation
Heavy cream                                     Will not whip as well
Raw egg yolks                                   Texture hardens slightly
Raw eggs out of the shell               Fine for baking when a high rise is not needed
Meringue                                           Don't let them absorb humidity while thawing
There isn’t much you can’t freeze. If you are going to freeze an uncooked meal, do note that it won’t work if the food contains ingredients that are on the 'Do Not Freeze' or 'Freeze With A Caveat' lists.
Once the meal is cooked, you can freeze almost anything, with the exception of cooked egg whites and anything made with mayonnaise or whipped cream. Do not freeze canned foods, unless they are removed from the can.
Tip Summary
1-Some foods have major texture changes after freezing and freezing is not advised.
2-Some foods have minor texture changes and can be used in some applications.
3-Shell eggs before freezing. 

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