The Un-Holiday, Pandemic Winter, Lockdown Isolation Survival Guide

Do you want to have a copy of this free ebook with 87 tips and recipes to help you build a positive, resilient mindset, be healthy in body, mind, and spirit, make fast, easy healthy meals that are not expensive, and get through this pandemic. Read below on how to get my free ebook.

The Un-Holiday, Winter Pandemic, Lockdown Isolation Survival Guide

The ebook is free. Just click on this link or any link from the home page and you will be put on the list. The book will be available as of December 27, 2020. It will remain available, for free, until the pandemic shows signs of waning.

I hope you like the book. There are a series of 12 videos that go with this book. You can watch them here or from the home page.


Happy Holidays. Stay safe. Thank you. Deborah Esplin Dec. 25, 2020


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