Toasted Fish Wrap | A Fast, Healthy, Easy Lunch with a Gluten-Free Option

Toasted Fish Wrap is a fast, healthy, easy lunch that you can eat anyplace and anytime for anyone. This lunch is fast and easy to make, can be packed in a bag with an ice pack, removed from the ice thirty minutes before eating, and eaten at room temperature. It tastes good and is healthy. Whether you are home or traveling, at school or work, this lunch idea is the answer for people that need something fast, easy, and healthy to eat.

Here you have gluten and gluten-free versions of the recipe.

Toasted Fish Wrap
Toasted Fish Wrap & Side Salad

Ingredients for Toasted Fish Wrap

Corn or flour tortilla

Note: If you use corn tortillas, this recipe will be gluten-free.

1 can tuna fish, drained

3 pieces pickled beets, diced

1 pickle, diced

Onion, diced, if desired

15 mL olive oil

5 mL balsamic vinegar

5 mL Lime Juice

Salt & pepper, to taste

Dash of cumin

Goat cheese or any soft cheese

Lettuce Leaves

Coriander or Parsley Leaves


Hot sauce, as a topping

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Preparation for Toasted Fish Wrap

If the tortilla is frozen, warm it in the oven until thawed and pat dry with a towel. Brush a small amount of olive oil on the inside of the tortilla. Sprinkle a dash of salt and pepper. Place a lettuce leaf on the tortilla.

Mix together all the ingredients, including the rest of the olive oil, except the cheese, salsa, and hot sauce.

Put the fish filling in the middle of the tortilla. Add the salsa. Add the cheese. Roll the tortilla and broil for 2 minutes.

Put the tortilla on a plate with a side of salad and drizzle hot sauce or more salsa on top.

Note:  This wrap can be refrigerated for three days.

Note: The wrap can also be packed in a lunch bag with an ice pack for a portable meal. Remove the tortilla from the ice pack thirty minutes before eating so it can warm up to room temperature and enjoy.

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